PhotoSpring Digital Picture Frame

Obviously, you’re not going to take this hiking. But then again, there’s a good chance you’re also not taking all of your friends and family, either. And that’s the beauty of PhotoSpring! With this digital frame, you can instantly send a selfie of yourself on the trail to your loved one’s frame on the mantle.

Last month, PhotoSpring unveiled its second-gen Wi-Fi-enabled digital frame, the PhotoSpring 10 ($139) and the PhotoSpring 10 Premium ($169). These 10-inch frames look like your standard photo frame if a bit bulkier. But that extra size houses the technological wizardry to make this an ideal gift for the rugged adventurer’s distant family and friends.

Our editor snagged a PhotoSpring 10 Premium, hoping it would be the perfect gift. But having never tried a digital frame, he wasn’t sure if it would be a hit or a bust. But it proved a major win.

The frame is simple to set up. Just download an app, pair the device, and you’re ready to start sending images and video direct from your phone to the frame — and you can do it from virtually anywhere.

Plus, the touchscreen-friendly frame has speakers and 16GB of internal memory, so you can send full videos with sound. Set it to scroll through an album, or stay on one of your (their) favorite images.

If you have loved ones who can’t be there with you on an adventure, the PhotoSpring is a wonderful way to take them with you virtually.