QALO TraQ Bluetooth Dog ID Tag

One GearJunkie team member brings her pup along with her on every adventure, and the QALO TraQ Bluetooth Dog ID Tag gives her peace of mind that her dog won’t get lost.

The QALO TraQ tag has a built-in Bluetooth tracker that you can pair with the Tile app on your smartphone. This pairing allows you to see where your dog is located on a map, as long as your dog is within a 200-foot range. You can even set up the tag so that it makes a noise when you ping it from the app, allowing you to hear where your dog is.

QALO created the TraQ ID tag to keep up with an active dog. The tracker has a silicone shell around it to provide protection from bumps and scratches. Plus, the brand claims it’s waterproof for up to an hour and up to one meter deep.

Though her dog hasn’t gotten lost yet, she has played with the app’s tracker for fun. She has always been able to locate her dog and sound the noise on the tracker. However, keep in mind that because the tracker relies on Bluetooth and an app, it won’t work when cell service is bad, or if your dog wanders out of range.