RIGd UltraSwing Hitch Carrier Multi-Fit

If you’re running larger than stock tires or venturing off the pavement, a full-size spare is key. But most SUVs and trucks don’t have enough room in the stock spare location to fit oversized tires. Enter the┬áRIGd UltraSwing.

This swingout hitch carrier combines a spare-tire carrier and swing-away receiver for bike racks or other hitch-mounted accessories. Store spare fuel and recovery equipment, or opt for the fold-down camp table for a quick trailside lunch. The UltraSwing Multi-Fit will work on a wide range of vehicles, from Tacomas to Crosstreks and everything in between.

The reviewer has only had it for a month, but he has been very impressed with how solid it is. The anti-wobble mechanism keeps movement to a minimum, even on rough roads. He has enjoyed having access to the tailgate on his Tacoma by simply swinging the wheel and rack out of the way. He is looking forward to continuing to test the UltraSwing on more dirt adventures.