Rossingnol X-IUM Premium Skate Ski & Race Pro Premium Bindings

Rossignol is no stranger to elite-level nordic ski equipment, and the X-IUM Premium Skate S2s with Race Pro bindings are no exception.

The X-IUM Premium Skate S2s are a “World Cup race ski” and are made for elite-level athletes looking to push for the podium. The skis have a NOMEX core that provides performance-level strength-to-weight ratio, combining that with a full-length carbon sheet and “race-proven” edge technologies for greater fluidity when skating.

Rossignol’s Race Pro Bindings are the preferred choice for these skis and are built on the Turnamic nordic system, meaning they’re compatible with all NNN and Prolink boot soles. The system offers tool-free fore and aft adjustability so you can customize feel and performance based on snow conditions.

As a bonus, the turn-lock design offers confident retention for when you’re pushing down the stretch in a sprint. Finally, these bindings have a skate-specific flex for performance-level power transfer and ski control.