Roving Blue O-Pen Water Purifier

If you thought a LifeStraw was small and practical, just wait until you see this slimmed-down water purifier. The O-Pen from Roving Blue is a water purifier (as opposed to a water filter) as small and slim as a writing pen, weighing just 30 grams!

Unlike bulkier methods of filtering, like pump filters or activated carbon cartridges, the O-Pen purifies by treating water with a cloud of ozone gas.

It may sound strange, but ozone gas was FDA-approved in 1997 and is an oxidizer used by water treatment plants and water bottlers worldwide.

Roving Blue states that it uses electrolytic ozone, which is more powerful than chlorine. Like other methods of water purification, it blocks against organisms, bacteria, viruses, and cysts (giardia, E. coli, cryptosporidium, and more).

The O-Pen can purify only a half-liter at a time, but it’s rechargeable and can purify up to 25 L on one charge. It definitely has great merits for use for camping, backpacking, thru-hiking, international travel, survival, and more. The O-Pen retails for $149.