Smith 4D MAG Goggles

If you’ve ever wished for a wider field of view in a pair of goggles, the Smith 4D MAG goggles should definitely be on your radar.

The 4D MAG offers the widest field of view of any Smith goggle before it (25% more visibility). That makes them great for scoping and dropping your line, keeping an eye out for other skiers and riders in your periphery, and for getting a bigger, better view of your snowy surroundings.

And Smith’s ChromaPop polarized technology within each lens delivers the crispest view of the terrain. Add in the MAG lens-change system for speedy magnetic lens switching (to match the light and terrain), and you have one of the finest goggles ever created. 

Make your time on the snow a lot clearer and more convenient this season with a pair of 4D MAGs.