Solo Stove Bonfire

“White rabbits, white rabbits, white rabbits” — try as you might, mumbling this chant won’t magically make campfire smoke disappear. So Texas-based Solo Stove set out to create a nearly smokeless bonfire for a white-rabbit-free experience.

How did the brand do it? Solo Stove uses its Signature 360 Airflow Design to pull in air from vent holes along the base to help fuel the fire. That preheated air is then drawn to the top vent holes, creating a secondary burn, fueling the flame, and reducing smoke.

This secondary combustion also allows the fire to burn even hotter, creating a cozy environment even at a distance. The Solo Stove Bonfire weighs 20 pounds. It comes with a robust portable bag, making it a go-to option for your backyard patio, neighborhood picnic, or next beach adventure.

Our tester admits to being initially skeptical about the Solo Stove and its hefty price tag, but all it took was one fire to convert her. It felt so nice to sit around the bonfire with no one playing musical chairs! It’s nice to have people over on chillier spring evenings and know guests will be nice and toasty, even outside.

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