Space Innovation Labs Tail Table

Your tip-free camp table solution has arrived. The Tail Table from Space Innovation Labs is a go-anywhere-your-vehicle-can-go floating table.

For all kinds of outdoor occasions, the Tail Table conveniently attaches to the metal U-latch or I-latch that’s standard in the rear cargo area of most cars, SUVs, and vans. The table is modular and includes a chopping board and a spacious, octagonal dining area. The table extends to 48 inches long, 30 inches wide, and has a slim profile.

The two biggest takeaways from a GearJunkie team member’s test of this table are its thoughtful design and its sheer convenience. From the insertable cutting board to its built-in wine glass-holders and high-quality carry bag, the Tail Table is an ideal way to upgrade your outdoor eating experience. Whether you’re setting up multiple camp chairs or just sitting on either side of the table in the back of your vehicle, the tabletop provides a convenient amount of dining space for your picnic.

Quick to put together, the table locked onto his Jeep Grand Cherokee’s U-latch with ease. He didn’t get a chance to fire up his camp stove on top of it, but it can certainly handle the weight. If you want an innovative camp table that you can set up virtually anywhere without a thought of wind or stable ground — the Tail Table deserves your attention.