Superior Hammock Elite

Hammocks are everywhere. For some, it’s a charming addition to a camping arsenal. And for others, it can a replacement for an entire sleeping system. For Danny Warnock, Minnesota-based outdoorsman and owner of Superior Gear, it’s a way of life that even the harshest winters can’t slow down.

The “Elite” version of the Superior Hammock boasts a temp rating down to 30 degrees Fahrenheit and weighs a scant 24 ounces, making it one of the lightest sleeping systems available.

One of our team members likes supporting Minnesota-based companies, but beyond the fact, one of the things that he loves about the Superior Hammock Elite is its patented Hammock Suspension System. It sets up super quickly compared to other systems he’s used.

It has a built-in, adjustable ridgeline that makes it easy to create the perfect tension for hanging gear. Superior has added a zippered bug net feature while keeping a snap system along the outside edge of the hammock that allows you to snap on a comforter or wind protector.

The lightweight design and its warmth and versatility make it a favorite for him. Finally, if you’re really into pushing the limits, the brand offers hammocks with temp ratings as low as -30F.