Ten Thousand Interval Shorts

Designed to be your go-to shorts for a myriad of workouts, these Interval Shorts are made with versatility and mobility in mind. Ten Thousand has created a line of focused fitness apparel that is made with premium materials — and everything that you need, nothing you don’t, the brand says.

One GearJunkie staffer had been using his current gym shorts for longer than he cares to admit and realized it was time to try something new. Enter Ten Thousand and its Interval Shorts. These shorts hit the sweet spot for him with fit, comfort, and steeze.

First, the bottoms are versatile and work great for everything from heavy lifting days to HIIT and shorter trail runs. The shorts have laser-cut vents down each leg for breathability and a no-bunch waist with a cling-free (and water-repelling!) shell that keeps him comfortable during humid summer workouts.

The standard color offerings from most brands—black, blue, or bright red get tiring. Ten Thousand has several unique options, without being over the top. These shorts come in a 5-, 7-, or 9-inch inseam with an optional inner liner, so you can choose based on your own style.