Vasque Laplander UltraDry Boots

Looking for a pair of boots to weather snow and ice? Vasque’s Laplander UltraDry Boot is a solid option to tackle the elements on a winter hike. Designed specifically to keep your feet dry and warm, this boot utilizes waterproof materials and low-bulk synthetic insulation.

Deep snow won’t be an issue, as the boot’s height provides added coverage. And its winter-specific sole adds plenty of traction to keep you from slipping on ice-coated rocks and snowy surfaces.

Last winter, one of our editors challenged herself to a daily hike before work. This kept her active during the dreary weather and ensured that she’d actually get out of the house at least once a day. However, hiking at the crack of dawn brought myriad challenges, including icy, slippery rocks and frosty temperatures.

Though they felt a bit stiff in the beginning, these Vasque Boots lived up to their warmth claims; no frozen toes for her. Her feet remained dry after stomping through the snow, and they provided the traction she needed — even when her very uncoordinated dog ran right in between her legs.