REI, Pattie Gonia Launch Powerful ‘Everything to Lose’ Film You Have to See

‘Suck on this: Right now, there are more pieces of plastic in the ocean than stars in the Milky Way.’ Instagram sensation, outdoor enthusiast, and inclusivity icon/drag queen Pattie Gonia doesn’t mince words in this stirring, environmental spoken-word film by REI.

What started as a light-hearted call to be yourself outdoors, Wyn Wiley’s “Pattie Gonia” Instagram persona has snowballed into a cultural movement.

The high-heeled, bedazzled Gonia strutting along hiking trails and picturesque mountainsides now stands as a rallying cry that no matter who you are, or what you look like, you are welcome outdoors — just as you are.

And now, with REI’s muscle behind it, Wiley, in top Pattie Gonia form, stars in a call to action unlike any we’ve seen. And we’re here for it!

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