Palin's Icebreaker Pose

Palin’s Icebreaker Pose

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Not only can former Governor Sarah Palin see Russia, but apparently she can see New Zealand, too. That’s according to Icebreaker, the New Zealand-based wool clothing maker who released a press statement this morning about Palin appearing on the cover of the Nov. 23 Newsweek magazine wearing Icebreaker’s Long Sleeve Chase Zip.

Icebreaker states it’s the first major U.S. magazine cover to feature the small apparel company’s product. In the statement, the company wrote “It’s great Ms. Palin has discovered the benefits of running in natural, sustainable Icebreaker merino, which doesn’t hold odor like synthetic running tops (made from oil). As opposed to the ‘Drill Baby Drill’ mantra of the last U.S. election cycle, Icebreaker has been campaigning for consumers to switch from synthetic running tops made from oil.”

If you want to look like Sarah — or just like a good running top made from a fine wool — the Long Sleeve Chase is for sale at for $99.

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