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If you’ve already seen Dean Potter essentially solo El Cap, and are not too hopped up on builderers like me, then surf on over to, where producer/director extraordinaire Peter Mortimer has a new flic called First Ascent.

I screened it the other night, not expecting very much more than the usual chalked-fingers-on-granite porn. But the film starts out kind of quirky and real, and it stays that way, following “dirt bag heroes” who live the climbing life to its fullest.

Here’s the press blurb on the film. . .

“First Ascent is a global romp with climbing’s modern-day pioneers, from the sea cliffs in Thailand to the high Himalayas, and from the scary depths of the Black Canyon to the buildings of Hollywood. Big laughs, huge falls, hopes, fears and truly radical feats.”

Yeah, something like that anyway. The L.A. buildering part was an unexpected treat.

But I did have one question on the Himalaya segment: If this was a first ascent then how did that camera guy get ABOVE your supposed first ascent team?

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