Sexy Ski Instructors Calendar For 2015

You’re not alone if you’ve had a crush on your ski instructor. Athletic people who follow their powder dreams to real life jobs where they help others learn a life-long sport. Hot.

Photographer Gita Saxx has produced two Ski Instructor Calendars for 2015, one featuring women, and another of men. They are both a little racy, but not over the top (think Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, but with a few nipples).

The Calendar with 12 sheets from January 2015 to December 2015 (Size 450 × 330 mm), sells for 66 Swiss Francs online (which is about $66 USD) including postal delivery within Europe and the USA. So it’s a darned expensive calendar, but think how good it would look above your work bench.

Check out page two for the calendar of male ski instructors

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