Silicone Dome Turns Headlamp To 'Lantern'

Silicone Dome Turns Headlamp To ‘Lantern’

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A dome of orange silicone makes up the body of the TorchGlo, a headlamp add-on built for backpackers. A slip-in acrylic lens diffuses the beam.

This strange little camp product is a funded Kickstarter project. The creator touts it will “bring a social lighting atmosphere to a campsite” simply by putting a headlamp inside.

It works by diffusing LED headlamp light into a “warmer, ambient glow.” You get the even glow effect of a campfire anywhere — even inside a tent.

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Said Kenny Krotzer, the inventor: “I noticed a gaping hole in hiking illumination products: There are no real backpacking ‘lanterns’.” The TorchGlo can be placed in a tent to light up the whole shelter. It can be put on the ground to mimic a campfire.

This simple product weighs just 2.5 ounces and can convert any headlamp from a harsh beam to a “bubble” of light. You can own one for $10, now that the TorchGlo has come to the mass market.

See the video on Page 2 of this post. Go to the company’s page for more info and images on the neat new lighting idea.

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