Walking Miles On A Line: ‘Endurance Slackline’ Comp

The end is near! (Well, maybe not the end end) and thus I propose a challenge!
In these darkest times we must find within ourselves the strength to walk. Who amongst us can walk the most feet on a slack line in a mere eight hours? Who will find their edge and push for a few more feet? Who will look for a way in rather than a way out? The time is now!!
Here are the instructions:
1. Choose a period up to eight hours (consecutive!) between now and July 31 and set up a line of your choice (any make, model, length, location)
2. Figure out the walkable distance of the line (e.g. if I set up a 130′ line but turn 5′ from the anchor the walkable distance is 120′)
3. Begin walking. Walk as much as you can, coming off to take as many breaks as you need. Keep track of your ‘sends’ to turn in to us (i.e. you are not required to turn at all)
4. Report your scores to us (name, city, walkable length, number of ‘sends’, and total feet walked) in the comments section below by 11:59pm July 31, 2015
5. If you are disappointed in your performance over your first (up to) 8 hour attempt you may attempt it a second time.
1. No GPS trackers. (That shit is stupid)
2. Excessive posting on instagram or Tinder will result in your score being cut in half (excessive= >1)
3. Each picture must capture the gravity of the situation or don’t bother
4. Only full sends of the line count–to make the math simple (I don’t math good)
1.First place will receive a very limited edition item of clothing (possibly an outfit) made by the Gamemaster.
2.Anyone who plays wins the honor of crafting their own “I survived the Slack-Pocalypse” t-shirt.
3. Anyone who walks over a mile (5280 feet) will be part of the Mile Long Club and earns the honor of making for themselves an “I Walk Good” shirt.
4. Anyone who walks over two miles can make an “I Walk Real Good” shirt.
*All shirt designs must be submitted to this group. Not for approval, but just for our collective enjoyment.
By merely reading this you have entered into a contract to participate!!!!
Constant Vigilance!!!!