SPOT Satellite Messenger

SPOT Satellite Messenger

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Don’t want to alert a search-and-rescue force every time you’re in minor trouble? Or maybe you’re just going to be late getting back home after a long trek. The SPOT Satellite Messenger, a new emergency beacon, uses GPS signals and a private satellite network to bleep out descriptive communiqués of four iterations.

Indeed, the SPOT Satellite Messenger is a new type of personal locator beacon, one that gives you options as to which kind of emergency (or non-emergency) message you want to transmit from the wilderness to the world at large.

Messages the device can transmit include:

1) “I’m Okay”
2) “Summon emergency responder”
3) “Request help” for friends and family only
4) Track Location

That last feature, Track Location, remotely follows your path, stores GPS waypoints, then transmits the data for live display on the Web via Google Maps. Kind of creepy, but cool, too.

It will cost $149 when available next month, plus an annual $99 service fee.

More details to come. . .


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