The Mad Max of Artificial Surf Swells Looks Gnarly: Watch

A massive metal bowl pumps up and down to create five distinct waves at Australia’s first artificial pool. The design is so farfetched it’s hard to believe it’s real!

Surf Lakes released the first video of its 5 Waves surf park this week, and it looks epic. Dubbed the first multibreak surf park, each swell at this pool is a different difficulty. That means beginners to experts can surf all at the same time.

The surf park is currently in phase one testing with a full-scale demo complete. Surf Lakes hasn’t released any official park opening date, but testing looks promising.

According to a report from Stab magazine, the lake is 200 m long, 150 m wide, and 10 m deep, with a max wave height of 2.4 m. And for frequency, Surf Lakes can produce a six-wave set every minute.