Suspension System for Skis

Suspension System for Skis

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The inventor Anton Wilson is known in some circles for his contributions to professional video-camera battery technology. Now, after seven years work, Wilson’s latest project is a strange alpine technology touted as “the world’s first active suspension ski.” His namesake company’s Anton Dynamics Inc.‘s Active Suspension Ski offers the “stress-free sensation of flying” and “less fatigue on knees and body,” according to the marketing literature.

The skis’ suspension mechanism resembles an automotive leaf spring, only inverted and with a ski binding perched on top. This system puts the bindings’ contact points on the skis further toward the tip and the tail, resulting in a setup reported to “require much less effort to turn.”

Revolutionary or just plain odd? The ’70s ski star and long-ago World Champion freestyle skier Wayne Wong, who is something of a spokesperson for Anton, says this could be “the next big thing” in ski technology. In addition to reportedly being easier on the knees and hips, the skis are said to be easier to use and likely to improve a skiers skill level within a few runs, the company touts.

Anton Dynamics’ UFOria model

Anton Dynamics offers three models, and they ain’t cheap. Prices start at $2,490. All are currently on sale. If the Anton Skis can live up to its hype, we may be in for an industry revolution. If not, we can still thank Mr. Wilson and his battery inventions for helping power all the ski videos we’ve enjoyed watching over the years.

—T.C. Worley