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6-Year-Old Hikes AT, Search-and-Rescue Mishap: This Week in Adventure

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IRONMAN: Double-Amputee Athlete in World Championships. Roderick Sewell, a member of the U.S. Paralympic swim team, didn’t run until age 9.

Now, he’s got a slot in the upcoming Ironman Championship, one of the toughest endurance races in the world. Ironman will host this year’s race on Kona island in Hawaii. The feat consists of 140.6 miles of swimming, biking, and running.

APPALACHIAN TRAIL: 6-Year-Old Breaks Record. The youngest female hiker to complete the AT, Sabina “Sister Bunny” Malone just finished a 6-month thru-hike with her parents and three sisters.

Sabina Malone, who had her sixth birthday on the trail, is now the youngest girl to have hiked the 2,000-mile trail. In 2013, 5-year-old Christian “Buddy Backpacker” Thomas hiked the full length of the Appalachian Trail, becoming the youngest person ever to complete the AT.

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Yeee-Haaaaw!!! We did it!! We hiked 2192 miles from Springer to Katahdin!! I can’t begin to tell you how proud I am of these girls and our family…this was hard-physically, mentally and emotionally…there were a number of days where Sunshine and I had to make hard decisions about continuing this journey…but, along the way we’ve had life changing experiences…we’ve put time into our family (24hrs/day 7days/week for 5 1/2 months)…and we would do it all again…these girls can do anything they want in life…the confidence and perspective they’ve gained is immeasurable…We were nervous the morning of our 2nd summit day…clouds were gathering fast…we told the girls NO blueberry picking, NO gabbing with other hikers – just get up to the top before the rains come…well, when we got above tree line and finished the long rock scramble making it to the ridge the mood changed to pure happiness and joy! We could see the summit and all clouds had vanished…Other hikers (some that we knew and some that we didn’t) cheered us on…after waiting out the bad weather for 4 days and persevering for months we were about to have our ending! Amazing, some hikers greeted us and took pictures for us and then they all left! We had the peak to ourselves for 1/2 an hour…we talked and sang and laughed (and I cried)…we were told that Sister Bunny is officially the youngest female to ever thru hike the AT…she takes 3 steps to cover the same ground I can with 1…these girls helped each other every step of the way and we did this together as a family…thanks to family and friends for making this happen…thanks for everyone’s big love and support…and thanks for donating to all the charities @redwood_empire_food_bank @soles4souls @scwildliferescue @appalachianwild @carma4horses @b_radfoundation Thanks to @marmot @probar #awakingdreams #NoBadWeather #TrektheAT #AT2019 #appalachiantrail #getoutside #hikerfeed

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‘TRUMP WALL’ CLIMBING: Engineer and Climber to Host Competition. AMGA-certified rock climber Rick Weber lives in the middle of the Red River Gorge in Kentucky, a popular climbing destination.

This October, he will host a contest meant to challenge President Trump’s claims that the latest slat-style border wall design can’t be climbed. The border wall competition aligns with Rocktoberfest. You can read more about climbing the replica wall here.

FALSE ALARM: Hiker Sets Off Search-and-Rescue. On Quandary Peak in Colorado, a friendly Canadian accidentally triggered a massive rescue mission after waving to people on the peak.

Other hikers thought his group was in distress and called search-and-rescue. Turns out, the two men were just waving and being friendly. All parties made it safely down the mountain.

RUGBY BIKE MISSION: Riding from London to Tokyo in 230 days. That was the plan for two friends, Ron Rutland and James Owens, who decided to cycle 12,485 miles (20,093 km) from London to Tokyo to watch the opening game of this year’s Rugby World Cup. That meant cycling in freezing temperatures and spending up to 7 hours a day on their saddles.

The duo, who did the trip to support ChildFund Pass It Back, the official charity of the World Cup, finished in Tokyo last week.

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