Was Tom Cruise Inspiration For Next-Gen Climbing Shoe Rubber?

Was Tom Cruise Inspiration For Next-Gen Climbing Shoe Rubber?

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What’s the secret sauce? We pressed Five Ten, but the company said it can’t share any chemistry. But Charles Cole, the lead developer, did offer some explanation, citing that while most rubber types bounce back immediately once compressed the MI6 type has a structure that “twists back on itself for a slow rebound.”

Cole’s explanation continued, “When MI6 moves it rubs against itself, which gives you slow rebound and some generation of heat.” That slow rebound is what gives the rubber its “stick.”

Five Ten shoes on his feet: Tom Cruise in filming during “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol” in 2011

Because of the unique properties of the rubber, Five Ten is introducing several water shoes for 2014 that will feature Stealth MI6. Expect kayakers to be the next lab rats for the new rubber type.

No word yet from Tom Cruise or the next “Mission: Impossible” stunt scene, however. Cole said he’s ready for Hollywood if the call comes again.

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