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Ibex wool clothing – Best Wool Base Layers

In a world of Lycra, nylon, Spandex and polypropylene, a fabric as age-old as wool can seem obsolete. But sheep fuzz is making a comeback in outdoor circles as its natural characteristics are seeing new appreciation from outerwear designers. Read More...

January 12, 2005

Best Wool Base Layers – Icebreaker, Ibex, DuoFold & Louis Garneau

I give myself the right to be particularly picky about products as close and intimate as base layer clothing. Long johns, skivvies, union suits, long underwear -- whatever you want to call them -- must be well-fitting and comfortable. For outdoor athletes, they must also strike a perfect balance of breathability and insulation. Read More...

January 11, 2005

RailRiders Eco-Mesh Shirt

Morocco's annual Marathon des Sables is a six-day, 150-mile solo race through the Sahara Desert. It's among the world's most extreme endurance events. Temperatures have reached 125 degrees some years, and it's an unsupported race so you have to carry all water and supplies in a backpack. Read More...

March 17, 2004
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