From boots to barefoot-style shoes, we cover the entire footwear spectrum. Our staff runs, hikes, treks, and climbs in new footwear and shoes each week.

Teva Shoes (not sandals!)

Since 1984, when a Grand Canyon river guide invented a unique sport-oriented sandal with over-the-foot nylon straps, the Teva brand has been synonymous with open-toe footwear of all kind. But the company, a division of Deckers Outdoor Corporation, dabbles in shoes as well. Read More...

September 10, 2006

‘Performance’ Flip-Flops

The proverbial flip-flop sandal just barely passes for a shoe. It offers little support and no toe protection. It's made to be worn casually, for comfort, convenience and little else. Read More...

July 21, 2006

Sandals Summer Review – Keen, Chaco

There are myths and hearsay in backpacking circles of hardy trekkers who go days and weeks on the trail in only a pair of sandals. Now, these are not flip-flops, mind you. Over the past decade, companies starting with Teva and Chaco, and now Bite, Keen and others, have refined the traditional sandal into something with support, grip, comfort and durability. Read More...

August 31, 2005

Adventure racing shoes (Salomon, Nike, Adidas, Montrail)

A typical adventure race includes steep uphill climbs, river crossings, long treks off trail and miles upon miles of fast running on gravel roads and trails. As such, the footwear built for the sport must drain water quickly when submerged, protect the foot from roots and rocks, run fast when the trail opens up and offer enough comfort and support for the long haul. Read More...

July 3, 2005

Defeet custom socks

In the early '90s, Shane Cooper brought together the unlikely bedfellows of bike racing and sock knitting to create Defeet International. Cooper, who was a semi-pro cyclist at the time, grew up fascinated with his father’s knitting machine parts distributor business, and he decided to try a hand at making a better bike sock. Read More...

April 6, 2005

Business shoe hybrids — Timberland, Birkenstock, Merrell

Timberland is a company that realizes business trips are not all work. At the very least, most business travelers have free time at night to explore town. Some -- like me -- even sneak off on quick day trips to check out nearby canyons or mountain trails when the chance arises. Read More...

November 15, 2004

Zip It Gear — Socks with zippers!

First, there was the decoy wallet. Then, the money belt came along. Now, Zip It Gear claims to have a better way to keep your cash, keys and credit cards safe while traveling abroad. Read More...

October 13, 2004

Trail runners 2004 — Montrail, La Sportiva, Vasque

The amalgamation of hiking boot and athletic running shoe about a decade ago produced a new shoe category called trail runners. Today, that niche is splintering into even narrower divisions as athletes begin to use trail runners for more than just running down paths in the woods. I recently tested three unique new designs... Read More...

May 17, 2004

Montrail Bivouac Booties — “Technical Slippers”

It was early January and I'd been lured into a three-day winter camping trip in Ontario's Quetico Provincial Park. This was no walk in the woods, as they say. Temps were below zero and we had 22 kilometers of backcountry terrain to ski before setting up camp. Read More...

January 13, 2004
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