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Motorola Watch: Music, Fitness, GPS

Called out as having superlative fitness tools and a function that serves as a "DJ while you run," Motorola's new GPS watch is nothing if not unique. We give the MOTOACTV watch/gadget a first test. Read More...

January 9, 2012

Outside’s Online Fitness Plan

Outside magazine now offers online fitness plans. For a fee, you can get a comprehensive fitness regimen designed by "some of the world's leading coaches and fitness experts." Read More...

March 18, 2010

CrossFit Workout

Touted as an ultimate workout -- and popular with police forces and military teams -- the CrossFit regimen is being embraced by average exercisers. The Gear Junkie gives it a try. Read More...

January 10, 2010

Running Gait Analysis

A gait-analysis test dissects stride and form to unlock a runner's anatomical potential -- or at least tell you which type of shoe to wear. Read More...

July 1, 2009

Testing Blood Lactate Threshold

This feature story details my experience undergoing a blood lactate threshold test, where a fitness trainer put me on a treadmill and pricked my fingertip repeatedly for blood samples. The goal was to determine my lactic acid threshold, the point at which I start to "feel the burn". . . Read More...

June 3, 2008

Fitness in the Blood

What on earth is a blood lactate threshold? I had no idea before last week, when I got on a treadmill to undergo a fitness test. But knowing your blood lactate threshold -- a point where lactic acid floods muscle cells too fast for the body to metabolize the excess -- can help trainers prescribe personalized fitness regimens that maximize your time outdoors (or indoors) running, biking, hiking, etc., in preparation for that next big event. . . Read More...

November 8, 2007

Daily Dose: Holistic Fitness Gear

Metaphysics rarely intertwines with physical fitness. But it sure does here. Companies dabbling in the alchemy include Primaloft, Hologenix LLC, Cocoon and Wickers Sportswear Inc., to name a few. You have to read this to believe it. . . See The Gear Junkie review here: GEAR ARCHIVE Read More...

December 21, 2006

Holistic Fitness Gear

Metaphysics rarely intertwines with physical fitness. But the mixing of magic, muscle and mind is encouraged by a tiny subgenre of companies in the outdoors and fitness worlds. Read More...

September 10, 2006
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