Daypacks to huge backcountry haulers included in our coverage and reviews.

Seattle Sports Company CrossBreed Dry Pack 1500

The rubbery roll-top dry bags popularized by river rafters and whitewater kayakers several years ago are gaining favor with hikers, hunters, backpackers and adventure racers. If 100 percent dry gear is an absolute necessity -- as it's increasingly becoming with cell phones, digital cameras, walkie talkies and GPS systems -- these PVC, urethane or treated-nylon bags are pretty much the only thing going. Read More...

November 25, 2005

REI Flash Review — Ultra-Light Backpack

This minimalist day pack, which weighs 10 ounces and costs only $25, is made of lightweight and water resistant silicone-infused nylon. It has no frame, an un-padded mesh harness, and only one large compartment with a hydration sleeve and small mesh pockets inside. There isn't a zipper or tab of Velcro on the product, and it's actually more of a sack than a pack. Read More...

May 6, 2005

Mountainsmith Road Trippin’ Series

Mountainsmith is a company founded on the thought that frustration may be just as much a mother to invention as necessity ever was. In the late 1970s, Patrick Smith founded the Golden, Colo., company after repeated disappointment with the backpack designs of the day. Read More...

May 6, 2005

Pacsafe Daysafe security backpack

Talk to any group of well-traveled people and the stories of surreptitiously lifted purses, picked pockets and swiped backpacks will eventually start to propagate the conversation. Passports, cash, credit cards, plane tickets, camera and hotel key can be lifted quiet and clean in an instant, forcing a woebegone trek to the American Embassy for identity reclamation, phone calls and money wired in from mom and dad. Read More...

April 6, 2005

Sherpak Elite – Car-top carrier

The trunk space in my mid-size sedan rarely accommodates my weekend adventure gear requirements. To add some capacity, the Sherpak Elite from Seattle Sports Company attaches to the car's rack and provides up to 15-cubic-feet of space in a water-tight container. Read More...

June 15, 2004

Best Small or Specialty Backpacks – Indigo, Gregory, Mountainsmith

Indigo's Rox 18 is a pack made with climbers in mind. It has a unique bottom compartment the company calls a Café Pocket that lets you access food and water with one hand without removing the pack. The design is streamlined and unobtrusive; a plastic-sheet frame adds rigidity to comfortably let you carry loads up to 20 pounds. Read More...

April 17, 2004
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