Inflatable Bike Rack

Inflatable Bike Rack

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You may have been there: Too many drinks at the bar and riding your bike doesn’t seem like a good idea. Your friend offers you a ride, but what about your bike?

trunkmonkey rack

That problem was the inspiration for a new type of inflatable bike carrier, which is so portable you can carry it on a bike.

The TrunkMonkey is basically a giant inflatable bag. Once blown up, it straps to the back of any vehicle with a trunk or hatch. The bike is then strapped onto the “rack.” When you’re finished, it deflates and packs into a package small enough that you can strap it under your bike seat.

Made of Cordura so it won’t scratch up your car or bike, the rack is marketed as able to fit nearly any bike frame, from cruiser to mountain bike.

The rack comes with a built-in pump that runs off of 12v DC from a car, or you can manually inflate it.

TrunkMonkey Under Bike

This certainly isn’t meant to replace your traditional bike rack, and I probably wouldn’t haul a bike long distance with it. But in a pinch, the TrunkMonkey would be a life saver. Its compact size means you can stow it in your trunk without taking up a bunch of room.


If you’re looking for an easy-to-use and portable bike rack, the TrunkMonkey might be right up your alley. It’s available on the company’s Kickstarter page for early bird pricing at $100. 

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