Ultra Lounging In Three-Sided Hammock

The hammock is a staple of summer relaxation. Breezy, cozy and super portable. To improve upon a classic design, Treble Hammock has added one more side.

The Treble Hammock is a three-sided suspended fabric sling that, in use, looks like a combination lounge chair and hammock. Made with 400 and 300 denier rip-stop nylon/polyester sewn into a webbing frame, it should be strong (the webbing has a breaking strength of 4,500 pounds).

Inventor Trent Johnson went to work on the design with the goal of creating a comfortable device for relaxing in the outdoors.

“I really wanted to find a better way to spend time in the outdoors,” he reports.

Once he came up with the design, he made a prototype with pieces of his boat cover. A few generations later, the company is trying to scale production and sell in retail stores.

This design looks a bit more like a suspended recliner than a traditional hammock but looks functional and pleasant for summer lounging.

It will retail for $145 and will be available in July pending a successful Kickstarter campaign. —Sean McCoy

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