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Going, Going, Gone! This ‘Reverse Gear Auction’ Drops Prices by the Second

From the minds behind Cairn, the outdoor gear subscription box, comes UnStacked, a wild new way to shop for gear. But beware: There’s as much risk as reward.

Warning: This can get very addictive. New this month, UnStacked offers an exciting approach to online gear shopping. Think of it like an auction, only backward.

A selection of items — from cooler backpacks to fixed-blade knives — goes live on the site for a limited time. It has a starting price, but that’s only to kick off the entertainment. Watch in real time as the asking price begins to drop, fast at first and then more slowly as the discount gets bigger.

But here’s the kicker: There’s a secret drop-dead price. Once the product reaches that unknown minimum, it vanishes. And with it, your chance to score some deeply discounted gear disappears.

On top of that, there’s also a limited quantity of each item, and you have no idea what that is. So other risk-averse shoppers could be gobbling up all the, say, MSR Pocket Rocket 2 Mini Stove Systems while you wait.

But once an item is gone, it’s gone. As the brand notes, “The concept is fun and puts your affinity for risk to the test.” Want to try it out? Make a free account here and check out what’s dropping.

Adam Ruggiero

Adam Ruggiero is an all-sport activity junkie - from biking, running, and (not enough) surfing, to ball sports, camping, and cattle farming. If it's outside, it's worth doing. Adam graduated from the University of Minnesota with a BA in journalism. Likes: unique beer, dogs, stories. Like nots: neckties, escalators, manicured lawns.

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