Kayak Training Machine

Though I have only used the Vasa machine in kayak mode, with the bench and different grips it can be configured as a training tool for swimming, XC ski poling, canoeing and other types of paddling. The K1 Swivel Seat, as the name implies, will swivel when you stroke. This is for K1 kayak race training. For sea-kayak training, the swivel can be locked with the seat set in a stationary position.

Overall, my criticisms are minimal. The price is high, and this is a niche product. Not everyone will want to jump on a Vasa machine night after night. The motion, like with any exercise machine, is repetitive, though I did not find it to be tedious.

Scene from Wenger Patagonian Race

The foot brace works fine. But I would prefer it to be wider to better mimic how my feet fit inside a kayak hull. While training, I place my feet as wide as I can on the Vasa’s brace.

In three months so far, the Vasa Kayak Ergometer has made me a significantly stronger paddler. I feel fit and ready for my big race in February, where we’ll face hours of paddling in some of the most remote waters in the world. Patagonia here I come!

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