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Trending: Our Top Outdoor Stories This Week

A recap of popular stories this past week, March 3-9, 2019.

1) So You Want to Be an Influencer: The Realities of Being Insta-Famous

Ambassador Brianna Madia opens up about the realities of having 250,000 Instagram followers. This one goes real deep.

2) 2019 Toyota Prius AWD-e Review: Economy Adventuremobile Tested

The Prius has long been hailed as an icon of fuel efficiency. But that badge came with lacking performance in other wheeled areas — namely off road. Meet the Prius AWD-e.

3) Best Camping Chairs of 2019

From camping trips to ultralight backpacking excursions, we’ve found the best camping chairs for every adventure. And best of all, the choices don’t break the bank.

4) One Knife to Rule Them All? My Choice for 2019

Only three folding knives right now use the respected LC200N steel, which is basically rustproof. Our choice comes from Spyderco.

5) How to Hike 25-Plus Miles a Day: A Thru-Hiker Explains

Hiking 25 miles in a day is absolutely doable. That may sound unrealistic to some, but thru-hikers do 25 miles every day. For months on end. While sleeping in a tent every night.

Nate Mitka

Midwest born, Nate Mitka is based in the GearJunkie Denver office. He is an advocate of all outdoor activities and has developed some habits, like running without headphones, eating raw vegetables, and fixing the chain on his ratty old bike.