Peaks, Valleys, Caves, Waterfalls... Reader 'Weekend Warrior' Pics

Peaks, Valleys, Caves, Waterfalls… Reader ‘Weekend Warrior’ Pics

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GearJunkie readers go on some of the most epic adventures imaginable. “Weekend Warrior” showcases you, the GJ reader, hiking, running, biking, climbing, paddling, and just generally getting it done in the great outdoors. Here are this week’s top reader photos. Enjoy!

Flash in the dark: Dustin Carter, Nick Beemer and Matthew Correa in the Ape Caves near Mt. Saint Helens, Wash.

Foggy Hike: Greg Maino snapped this shot of his wife as they hiked along the Franconia Ridge Trail on their way to the summit of Mt Lafayette in the White Mountains of New Hampshire

Wall Street: David Clock cruising the wall at Mammoth Mountain Bike Park in South Lake Tahoe, Calif.

Don’t Look Down! Ric Tinney on the traverse of the Maroon Bells near Aspen, Colo.

Bumpy ride: David Clock riding the falls in South Lake Tahoe, Calif.

Hang On! Matthew Correa bouldering at Lava Canyon on Mount Saint Helens, Wash.

Autumn in Norway: Sindre B. Haugsvaer rides through the countryside; Photo by Ola Morken

“Whatchu’ lookin’ at?” Chad Januskiewicz snapped this shot of his son hanging out atop Bigelow Mountain, Maine.

—We post new “Weekend Warrior” photos early each week. To participate, email a few photos from your own weekend adventure to with name, location, and brief captions. We’ll post the best new ones each week.

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