Editors’ Take: Lessons From the Backcountry Saga, Best YETI Yet, and Are Shoes Recyclable?

Each week, GearJunkie editors dive into the most provocative headlines of the week. Go beyond the story and hear our take on what’s making news.

Has Backcountry.com done enough? Last week, our editor broke the news that the Utah retailer dropped all remaining lawsuits and severed ties with its law firm following intense public backlash over its rigorous trademark defense. Our editors break down why this may still not be the end of the controversy.

Also, YETI — in the famous YETI fashion — dropped big product news, launching the first commercial double-wall, vacuum-insulated cooler for consumer use. But does the world want (or need) an $800 cooler?

Finally, we break down Salomon’s fully recyclable shoe, designed to be turned into ski boots after its first life. But how can people recycle their shoes — or any clothes for that matter?

Check out this week’s roundup and enter to win an Engel Cooler.

GearJunkie Weekly Roundup
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