‘Last Call for the Bayou’: A Duck Hunter Stands Up for the Louisiana Shoreline

Duck hunter Albertine Kimble leads us through her home of the Plaquemines Parish, talks to ducks, and explains why the river means life and protection for the Louisiana shoreline.

And she also explains why the diversion of that river is so problematic for the marsh. Supported by Sitka Gear’s Ecosystem Grants, this Smithsonian Channel short film marries hunting and conservation from Kimble’s perspective.

A former coastal plan manager, Kimble walks us through the importance of the wetlands as well as the potential devastation of the already-disappearing buffer between salt water and fresh water. Her beautiful and lilting voice is one that sticks.

This is the fifth episode in a web series called “Last Call for the Bayou.” Watch each film for a nuanced and personal take on the issues at hand for the Louisiana wetlands.

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