What's Your Ski Patrol Name?

What’s Your Ski Patrol Name?

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Most nicknames take hold during adolescence and at the very latest, in your early 20s. But what if you want a new nickname that speaks to your love of snow and your skills in descending on it? Your Snow Day takes care of that.

Just tell the site your weapon of choice — skis, snowboards, tele, and just to show they don’t discriminate, snowblades — and your skill level, as well as your real name, and hit the button. Whammo! Your new nickname appears.

A portal for Copper Mountain ski area, this fun site also includes videos and a “Snowday Soundboard” that acts like a sampler for sick sounds for employing on a phone call with your boss. Other features include a “mustache maker” game, a section on white lies to tell, and the option to have a Copper Mountain staffer call your boss for you. Seriously.

—Stephen “That’s How I Roll” Krcmar