‘Leave Nice Tracks’: The Trail Crew Who Built Out Vermont’s Backcountry

One local trail crew singlehandedly helped transform Vermont’s backcountry trails from dense thickets to a ski-worthy destination.

Leave Nice Tracks is about more than just skiing. It’s an outdoor sports documentary that focuses on the efforts of the people who protect the mountain and make Vermont backcountry skiing possible.

From the exploration of skinning tracks to the broader topic of LNT, filmmakers Marius Becker, Dan Cirenza, and Kyle Crichton dive deep into Vermont’s backcountry. The film narration is mostly about the community while the visuals encapsulate everything there is to love about winter.

“If you can find some adventure that’s in your neighborhood, figure out a way to do that,” said one filmmaker. “I hope a project like this continues well past my lifetime.”

The three East Coast filmmakers began filming over 4 years ago and launched a Kickstarter last year to help fund the project. They expect to release the full film later this year.

Check out a local screening or, to receive a digital copy of the film, back their Kickstarter.

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