'AeroVelo' Bike To Go 83mph

Bluenose bike goes 77mph… not quite the world record; Photo by Tom Amick

“Build the World’s Fastest Bike.” That’s the goal of AeroVelo, a Toronto organization seeking funding to manufacture a crazy-aero pod powered only by a human pedaling inside.

See the Kickstarter here. The AeroVelo bike will reach “highway speeds” on flat ground with a goal to break the world record of 83mph.

Diagram of AeroVelo bike

The design is so aerodynamic that the inventors tout, “If your car looked like this, you could drive across Canada on a quarter tank of gas!”

See Page 2 for a video on the AeroVelo bike

The bike above is called the Bluenose. It’s photographed on a track in Nevada going 78MPH. See the AeroVelo page to help these human-powered speed demons reach their goal. —Stephen Regenold

AeroVelo team

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