Gear Preview -- Buck 731 X-Tract LED

Buck Knives’ X-Tract multitool has been upgraded to include a small L.E.D. light, adding illumination to the list of tasks this small foldable doodad can accomplish.


The X-Tract’s original claim to fame was its one-handed operation, allowing users to flip open a pliers, the blade, or any number of accouterments with said one hand.

A 5mm L.E.D. on the new model—called the 731 X-Tract LED—provides enough light for inspecting a malfunctioning white gas stove in the night. Hike a trail with it, or read in your tent.

The light has a manual and auto shut-off. It’s powered by 3-volt CR-1616 lithium batteries.

Other X-Tract features include: a 3-inch drop-point blade; one-hand access to all implements; a spring-loaded needle-nose pliers with wire cutter; a #2 Phillips screwdriver; and a 3/16-inch slotted screwdriver.

Price: $65

Availability: September

Contact: Buck Knives,

Posted by Radek - 06/19/2009 12:26 PM

The knive design is very nice – but stupid chinese maker decided to make the pliers of bloody shit cast metal, so they tend to crack in the hinge even under single finger pressure (my own BAD experience)…

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