11 hours ago Thermarest Cot Feet

‘Sleep Like A Rock’ On New-School Cot

12 hours ago Redwood Canopy

Climb A Redwood This Weekend

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Bike's Embedded NFC Chip Helps Police

14 hours ago Skurka Mountains

Dress Right: 13 Essential Pieces For Backpacking

1 day ago Tossed 100 feet off a building

Unbreakable: Strongest Canoe Ever Made

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LED Boots Light The Way

These boots have and LED light built into the tongue of the boot.

Collar 3

Survival Kit In Your Dog’s Collar

A collar that’s more than meets the eye.


Could ‘Aerogel’ Create Thinnest, Warmest Jacket Ever?

A company has raised a small fortune to launch a jacket made of this sci-fi worthy material.

everest base camp

Explore Everest Without Leaving Your Couch

Explore the unique and vibrant Khumbu region at the base of Everest.

South Little Hen Island

Campaign To Keep Islands Wild And Pristine

Islands cared for by those who love them will maintain their fragile environments better than those left entirely alone.


From The Field: Steelhead Fishing In Michigan

Four days of chasing steelhead salmon around the rivers of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula lead to this beautiful female steelhead salmon.

Naked Filter Water Bottle

Water Bottle Filters As You Drink

Just fill it up, screw on the cap and hydrate; the filter’s in the cap.

BIrkie Finish

XC Virgin: Five Things I Learned This Season

The American Birkebeiner is the premier cross-country ski race in the United States. This is how one never-before skier prepped for the race in just 13 weeks.


60 MPG, 400-Horsepower SUV

Step aside Subaru, this hybrid AWD wagon hits 60 MPG with 400 horses under the hood.


Tiny Bike Light ‘Bright As Car’

The Urban 800 has three brightness settings and a “pulse mode” that fades the light instead of flashing.

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First Look: Columbia Sportswear Titanium A-Basin Shell

Coming fall 2015, the Columbia A-Basin Ripper jacket competes with much more expensive shells.

First Look: Salomon ‘Mud Shoe’

Salomon created the new version of the Fellcross with its professional trail-running team, and the company markets them as giving “performance our top athletes demand for racing in mucky conditions.”

UNEEK Footwear Is ‘Cord + Sole’

“It’s a total love or hate shoe — people are like ‘that’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen,’ or ‘I hate that, I want to beat up the guy who designed it.'”

First Look: Canada Goose Canyon Shell

This hard shell comes with a hefty price tag, but is it worth the cost? Our editor puts it to the test.

Across A Continent In Winter: Gear For The PCT

Two men just hiked across America in winter. This gear helped them succeed on the first winter thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail.

Rivers Run Free… Nation’s Biggest Dam Removal Is Done

72 dams were removed across the country in 2014.

First Look: Petzl ‘Macchu’ Kid Climbing Harness System

Petzl has a new kind of climbing harness system for kids. We test it with a tiny gear junkie at the local climbing gym.

Popular Articles

12 Good Boots: Find Your Perfect Hiking Footwear For Spring 2014

From fast and light to full-on stompers, we tested a dozen hiking boots for this spring.

Apr 16, '14

Not Your Average Hammer

Made by hand in Milwaukee, these hammers are beautifully functional artwork.

Mar 16, '15

The Rise Of The 'Lumbersexual'

The metrosexual is so last decade. Now, it’s all about the “Lumbersexual.”

Oct 30, '14

UNEEK Footwear Is 'Cord + Sole'

"It's a total love or hate shoe -- people are like 'that's the coolest thing I've ever seen,' or 'I hate that, I want to beat up the guy who designed it.'"

Mar 17, '15

Survival Gear: 10 Items To Survive

Surviving in the wild -- no matter the location or the time of year -- depends on human wit and will more than the gear you have in your pack. But all survival experts still recommend assembling an emergency kit of equipment to stay with you at all times in the wilderness.

Jun 5, '14

'Fat Bike' Trend: Overrated or For Real?

Flash in the pan, or here to stay? The cycling subcategory of "fat bikes" is hot this year, on the snow and for dry land. Our editor looks into the trend and adds some opinion from time spent pedaling in snow on these obese-wheel bikes.

Mar 7, '12

'World's Largest' Beer Growler

Made for the outdoors, these two products are made in Bend, Ore., and looking to fill a niche for beer drinkers anywhere.

Mar 2, '15

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