Public Bike ‘Toolbox’ For DIY Repair 14 hours ago

Bike Fixtation’s latest product is a tool station built for anyone to use. Read More...

'Flat' Camping Hammock Converts To Chair 17 hours ago

Hang out in a luxurious hanging chair. Then, with a couple minor adjustments, recline into a flat sleeping position in this unique camping hammock. Read More...

10 Life Lessons From The American Robin 2 days ago

The robin is so plentiful that we can take it for granted. These 10 lessons could help you prosper, too. Read More...

The First Real Hoverboard Is Here 2 days ago

The future is finally here with the world's first functional hoverboard. Read More...

Women: Bike Mechanics Wanted 2 days ago

Calling all women bike mechanics; scholarships now available.

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Paddling 2,000 Miles To Protect The BWCA

One couple is traveling 2,000 miles in opposition to proposed mining that they say will damage the pristine ecosystem of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.


$1,000 Shorts Coach Your Workout

For $650, these shorts better be smart! And they are, reading heart rate, "muscle load" and more. Myontec Mbody are some high tech, high priced garments.


Taste Test: New 'Trail Butter' Energy Food

These savory, nut-based snack pastes come in a pouch and are a great companion on the trail.


Unproven 'Air Umbrella' Raises $60,000 In Kickstarter Fundraiser

This umbrella will blast rain out of your path with a stream of air, or at least that's the claim.


This Is My Phone After Two Years In A LifeProof Case

Our editor carried his iPhone 4s in a LifeProof phone case for two years. This is what it looks like today.


Peace Love Car: Documentary In The Works

As the Peace Love Car reaches the end of the road, the YogaSlackers and video production house Caveman Collective are trying to document its final journey.


You Won't Believe The Mountain Biking In ... Northwest Arkansas

Arkansas has plenty of hilly terrain and forests. But until recently, it lacked in engineered mountain bike trails. Well, not any more.


Under Armour MagZip: Field Test

Garrett Russell was one of the first people on the planet to test the new MagZip zipper from Under Armour. He gave us his impressions while testing in South America this summer.


Efficient Wood Stove For Outdoor Cooking

Ditch the petrol. Solo Stove cooks fast with wood-fueled flame.

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