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Ford Transit Trail Recall ‘Fix’ Removes One of the Van’s Main Features

Tires on the Transit Trail van can rub. Ford's fix is to replace them with smaller, less durable tires.

2023 Ford Transit Trail(Photo/Ford)
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Just a month ago, we found out that the tires on the Ford Transit Trail are too big to fit properly under the van. Ford now has a “fix” to the problem.

The company plans to replace the tires on the affected vans with smaller tires, as stated in the NHTSA Safety Recall Report.

Ford Transit Trail Recall Fix

Tire rubbing on the fenders, fender well, and frame can lead to tire failure. Any rapid loss of tire pressure is, of course, a massive safety hazard.

2023 Ford Transit Trail tires

Ford’s remedy for this issue is to replace the Goodyear Wrangler Workhorse AT Tires (LT245/75R16E 120/116S) with a tire with a size designation of 235/65R16C. That means Ford is going to swap out 30.47-inch diameter tires for 28.03-inch tires with a less rugged sidewall.

The remedy will include changing the vehicle’s tire and certification labels and updating the vehicle calibrations for the new tire size.

Is This Really a Fix?

The standard Ford Transit van comes with the same 28-inch size and C-rated tires that this recall remedy indicates.

Ford is replacing E-rated tires with C-rated tires. That equates to a loss of sidewall durability, with E-rated tires having a 10-ply construction and C-rated having just 6-ply.

One of the main reasons for choosing the Transit Trail package is to get larger, more durable tires from the factory. They offer more clearance off-road and the ability to air down off-road without sidewall failures, enabling more off-the-beaten-path van life adventures.

2023 Ford Transit Trail
The 2023 Ford Transit Trail; (photo/Ford)

Transit Trail Recall

Ford is blaming this recall on a contractor who “did not fully account for the front tire envelope and packaging requirements of this application.”

This recall affects model year 2023 and 2024 Ford Transit vans with the Transit Trail package. These vans were produced between March 15, 2022, and March 6, 2024. While about 1,900 vans could be affected, Ford expects that only around 500 will need the “fix.”

As of March of this year, Ford is aware of seven reports of this tire rub condition. None of the known reports indicate damage to the van’s tires.

To find out if your van is part of the recall, you can call Ford’s toll-free line (1-866-436-7332) or contact your local Ford dealer. The recall notice says that Ford mailed out notifications between April 8 and 12, 2024, so you should already know whether your vehicle is affected.

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