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Which CRKT Knife Should You Buy?

From survivalists, to green thumbs, to muralist and anglers, CRKT has likely crafted the perfect blade for you.

a woman holds the CRKT Biwa knife
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Choosing the right EDC knife is a personal and nuanced journey, and the plethora of options available can make it difficult to know where to begin. Luckily, CRKT has you covered! Since 1994, the brand has been manufacturing a broad array of knives and tools for outdoor, tactical, and everyday carry purposes. No matter your passion, CRKT likely has a knife for you.

Over the years, CRKT has collaborated with custom knife makers like Ken Onion, Jon Graham, Kaila Cumings, and Joe Caswell (among others) to expand its range of knife designs. A quick visit to its site immediately shows that the brand has covered all the bases, underscoring CRKT’s belief that there is a knife for everyone.

To demonstrate this belief, we presented the CRKT team with a series of personality types and asked them to recommend a product for each “person.”

Bob, the Survivalist

Bob mostly keeps to himself (because he’s preparing for the end of the world). He calls a cabin in the woods his home, and his knowledge of the local flora and fauna is uncanny. He frequently ventures out on the local trails, sharing what he knows with day hikers he encounters during his travels.

Since Bob spends most of his time away from society and in the woods, he requires a strong knife capable of performing a variety of tasks, especially if he ends up stuck outdoors overnight.

CRKT’s Recommendation for Bob: Razel Nax, Designed by Jon Graham

CRKT Razel Nax

CRKT’s Explanation

The Nax stands out as a great tool for any survivalist due to its exceptional versatility and robustness. Not only can it chop wood, but by simply adjusting one’s grip closer to the blade, it also seamlessly transitions into a precise instrument for food prep.

Beyond its adaptability, the Nax is built to last: The full tang construction ensures that it will withstand the rigors of the wilderness without breaking, while its carbon steel composition maintains a sharp edge over extended periods.

Shop Razel Nax

Brenda, the Gardener

Brenda, now divorced with two young kids, reigns as the belle of the ball. She dedicates the majority of her time to working at her local hardware store, where she assists customers in finding what they need, stocks new goods, and loads up their vehicles. Once home, Brenda divides her attention between her children and her garden.

For the last 3 years running, her begonias have secured a top spot in the state fair. She needs a knife that can withstand the elements and dig in the dirt, yet is also sharp enough to slice through packaging back at the store.

CRKT’s Recommendation for Brenda: Biwa Fixed Blade, Designed by Alan Folts

Biwa Fixed Blade

CRKT’s Explanation

The Biwa Fixed Blade is an essential tool for gardeners, offering simplicity, effectiveness, and convenience. Its lightweight design and long blade make it suitable for various gardening tasks, from pruning to shaping.

With options to wear it on the belt or around the neck using the included lanyard, it’s always accessible. This simple yet powerful design ensures that garden maintenance is efficient, hassle-free — and hopefully a joy.

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Ted, Who Loves the Van Life

Ted’s wanderlust is so intense that he left his corporate job 5 years ago, purchased an old Sprinter van, and transformed it into his mobile home. When he’s not navigating through the desert or indulging in gas station hot dogs, Ted enjoys kayaking in secluded areas, often carrying his play boat through the woods and down to the water himself.

To earn extra money, Ted picks up work wherever possible. Most recently, he has been working at a local horse ranch in South Dakota. He requires a knife that offers portability and can easily fit in his pocket, with strong corrosion resistance for his varied adventures.

CRKT’s Recommendation for Ted: Pilar III, Designed by Jesper Voxnaes


CRKT’s Explanation

The Pilar III is perfect for van lifers, offering a corrosion-resistant black oxide-coated blade ideal for outdoor environments. Its ambidextrous one-hand opening is especially handy for water-bound activities or when in remote areas.

The knife’s textured handle guarantees a secure grip in any condition, while its framelock provides solid stability. With its exceptional action, the Pilar III combines safety, convenience, and durability, making it an indispensable tool for the adventurous van lifer who needs a trusty tool on standby.

Shop Pilar III Knife

Allison, Who Splits Her Time Between the Studio and the Mountains

Allison, residing in the Pacific Northwest, cherishes her outdoor adventures, frequently going camping with her dog, Brutus. When not immersed in hiking and camping, she spends time painting in her art studio. Using every type of paint imaginable, Allison has created stunning murals for local businesses.

She needs a durable knife that remains sharp for use both in the studio and on the trail, preferring to depend on a single tool rather than carrying multiple ones. Her primary requirement is that she can open the knife easily with one hand (because she’s got a brush in the other).

CRKT’s Recommendation for Allison: Attaboy Deadbolt, Designed by Flavio Ikoma

CRKT Attaboy Deadbolt

CRKT’s Explanation

Ideal for artists of all stripes, the Attaboy Deadbolt offers unparalleled reliability and safety. Its blade effortlessly springs open with a flick, securely locking into place under all conditions thanks to the innovative Deadbolt mechanism. Renowned for being among the strongest locks in the industry, the Deadbolt Lock not only ensures the blade remains firmly in position during use, but it also provides an intuitive and safe method for closure.

Plus, its intuitive ergonomics make it comfortable to hold for extended periods, while the toughness of the D2 blade makes it well-suited for handling the demanding and varied tasks painters often encounter.

Shop Attaboy Deadbolt

Marcus, the Carpenter

If Marcus can build it, he will — and at a fair price, though not necessarily the cheapest. He equates low prices with poor quality. This philosophy extends to his tools as well. Marcus isn’t looking to spend excessively on a knife he cannot depend on, yet he’s willing to invest a bit more for a knife that can endure the rigors of carpentry.

Viewing the purchase of a new knife as an investment, he requires one versatile enough to easily transition from his tool pouch to his belt or pocket. While corrosion isn’t a concern for him, he needs a durable knife capable of withstanding rough treatment, cutting through drywall, scoring lumber, and tackling any other job.

CRKT’s Recommendation for Marcus: The USA-Made Redemption Crossbar Lock, Designed by Ken Onion

CRKT Redemption Crossbar Lock

CRKT’s Explanation

The Redemption Crossbar Lock knife is tailor-made for carpenters, striking the perfect balance between functionality and convenience. Its blade is sizable enough to tackle a wide range of tasks, yet it’s designed to fit comfortably in your Carhartt’s pocket, ensuring it’s always within reach without being cumbersome.

The MagnaCut blade stands out for its edge retention and wear resistance, guaranteeing lasting performance even with heavy use. Not to mention the fully ambidextrous Crossbar Lock facilitates effortless deployment in a variety of work environments.

Shop Redemption Crossbar Lock

Charlie, Who Got His First Knife From His Grandfather

Charlie has always been destined to explore the great outdoors, a passion he inherited from his Grampa Bill. After retiring, Bill took up fishing to keep boredom at bay and shared countless adventures with Charlie from a young age. On Charlie’s seventh birthday, Grampa Bill passed down an old belt knife, a memento from their time together outdoors.

Charlie has grown sentimental about the knife and now seeks a new one for his adventures. As he’s gotten older, his outdoor pursuits have increased. He’s still fishing but has added hiking, climbing, and overlanding into the mix. For his next knife, he wants something with a traditional design but that will serve as a reliable workhorse.

CRKT’s Recommendation for Charlie: The USA-Made Bugsy Fixed, Designed by Kaila Cumings

CRKT Bugsy Fixed

CRKT’s Explanation

The Bugsy Fixed knife is perfect for fishermen, and general outdoorsfolk of all stripes. Combining traditional design with modern, durable materials, the Bugsy Fixed is capable of nearly any outdoor or angling-related task.

It’s American-made from 1095 carbon steel, has tan micarta handles, and comes with a brown leather sheath for durability and style. The knife is crafted to meet the needs of any outdoor enthusiast. It’s a reliable tool with function and form for outdoor pursuits.

Shop Bugsy Fixed Blade Knife

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