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An Ocean of Power in the Palm of Your Hand: Dark Energy Poseidon Pro Review

Unparalleled charging speeds and ultimate reliability is what you get with the Dark Energy Poseidon Pro power bank.

dark energy poseidon pro in the bag(Photo/Josh Kirchner)
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On backcountry hunts, battery energy is oh-so-precious. What you carry back there is all you’ve got. In an age where our smartphones have become our main GPS units, battery energy is something I don’t mess around with.

I’ve used a nearly endless list of charging blocks, but none of them — and I mean none of them — come close to the Dark Energy Poseidon Pro. Its combination of waterproofness, crazy durability, and dependability makes it everything I want and often more than I need.

In short: Hunters looking for one charging block — and one charging block only — will be very pleased with the Poseidon Pro from Dark Energy.

Dark Energy Poseidon Pro


  • Power 10,200 mAh
  • Ports USB-C and USB-A
  • Weight 9.8 oz.


  • Fast-charging
  • Waterproof – IP68 rating
  • 500+ recharge cycles and will hold the charge for years


  • Takes quite a while to charge the unit itself

Dark Energy Poseidon Pro Review


dark energy poseidon pro comes with usb-c cable
Poseidon Pro and USB-C cable; (photo/Josh Kirchner)

Dark Energy has become the standard for keeping your batteries charged in the backcountry, and its Poseidon Pro doesn’t fall short in the least. This 10,200mAh power bank will not only charge your electronics quickly, but it will also quite literally hold a charge for years and is rated for 500+ recharge cycles.

You can see the current charge via four indicator lights on the front of the unit. Being the size of most cellphones, it doesn’t take up much room at all in your backpack, and it won’t weigh you down at a minute 9.8 ounces. It’s got USB-C and USB-A jacks as well as its very own flashlight.

Every Poseidon Pro comes with a Carabiner Pro, leather cable manage strap, and 3-foot USB-C cable. Dark Energy also provides a 2-year warranty. Oh, and let me not forget, this thing is dang near indestructible. More on that below.


dark energy poseidon pro
(Photo/Josh Kirchner)

Fast Charging and Lots of It

This is a charging block, after all, so let’s chat about charging capabilities here briefly. One thing to note is that the Poseidon Pro is equipped with a USB-C port, so it will be inherently quicker at charging things. For a smartphone, Dark Energy claims 30+ hours of charging. Camera gear sits at 10+ hours of charging, and laptops hover in the 4+ hour range.

Extremely Durable Armor Flex Technology

Gear for backcountry hunting needs to be durable, and the Poseidon Pro impresses in this category with its Armor Flex Technology. This stuff can take a beating and then some. During the testing phase, this power bank survived a 50-foot drop, a shotgun blast, 1,500 pounds of crushing force, and 1.5 pounds of explosives. That’s saying something.

Integrated Flashlight

dark energy poseidon pro can be used as a mini flashlight
Using Poseidon Pro as a flashlight; (photo/Josh Kirchner)

On top of this being a charging block, it also serves as a mini-flashlight. Underneath the flip-out cover, you’ll find a small light next to the USB-C in/out. The ON button for the light is on the side of the unit. This isn’t going to replace a headlamp by any means, but it is great if you need to root around in your backpack when the sun goes down.


Along with being durable, the Poseidon Pro can also hold its own in extreme temperatures and underwater. Dark Energy says it has an IP68 waterproof rating. It can be fully submerged underwater for 45 minutes and still come out swinging. And whether it’s temperatures of -15 degrees or upward of 100 degrees, the Poseidon Pro will continue to do its job.

My Testing Experience

Dark Energy Poseidon
The original Poseidon; (photo/Josh Kirchner)

I’ve got a long history of using goodies from Dark Energy. It all started with the original Poseidon, which always worked great for me. There is always room for improvement, though, right? Which is why I was so psyched to try out the new Poseidon Pro.

On the surface, this power bank was very reminiscent of the original Poseidon that I was so familiar with. So, it was kind of like meeting an old friend and starting where you left off last, now a better self. I was very eager to test out the USB-C port to see how that performed, and I was pleasantly surprised.

charging phone with Poseidon Pro charging block
Charging phone with Poseidon Pro; (photo/Josh Kirchner)

From the alpine to the low desert, the Poseidon Pro has gotten backpack rides from me throughout various hunts and weather conditions. Not once has it failed me. In fact, it became quite essential on an elk hunt in Arizona.

In the 30 minutes it would take to drive to my hunting area each morning, the Pro would get my smartphone almost fully charged and ready for the day. The charging would usually start around 50% or so. I couldn’t believe the charging efficiency of this little brick. Others would take hours to do this.

Since starting to use the Poseidon Pro, this has become my go-to charger for backpack hunting. It just makes the most sense to me for my style of hunting and the fact that I’ve always had multiple cameras on me due to filming my hunts. The Poseidon Pro is a shoo-in for these situations.

What’s Wrong?

If it weren’t for just one thing, I would consider the Poseidon Pro perfect. It may boast some impressive charging rates, as well as have the ability to hold a charge extremely well, but it takes time to get the unit initially charged up. I’m talking hours. In that regard, it’s easy to forget you were charging it to begin with.

So, you can’t just willy-nilly charge this up quickly in the morning before hitting the mountains. I’d plug it in the night before to be safe.

Final Thoughts

dark energy poseidon pro
(Photo/Josh Kirchner)

Power banks have become a staple on the gear lists of backpack hunters and others, for good reason. We certainly don’t need gadgets and gizmos to go hunting or backpacking, but they do make life easier. That comes at the price of battery life.

Whether it’s keeping your inReach charged to communicate back home, your camera to get the best shots you can, or using digital mapping to navigate on your smartphone, the Poseidon Pro from Dark Energy will keep you up and running. And I don’t mean running back to the truck to charge your stuff.

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