Hydration Hack: Converter Turns Disposable Bottles into ‘Bladders’

Convert an average 1-liter Nalgene bottle or disposable soda bottle into a hose-equipped hydration system? That’s the promise of the JetFlow, a plastic converter threaded to accept a variety of plastic bottles that then replace the function of a soft-side bladder sitting in your pack.

JetFlow converts water bottles to pseudo-bladders with a hose

The primary JetFlow device has a threaded nozzle that screws right to a standard water or soda bottle. Hose adapters flank its side, letting you plug on a drinking tube to suck water or, if you choose, Mountain Dew even, right from the source.

Adapters for the JetFlow let you hook up Gatorade-size bottle mouths, Vitamin Water, or a wide-mouth Nalgene. It comes with the adapters, a three-foot hose, and a bite valve. The main adapter weighs just a few grams.

Adapters allow JetFlow to connect to variety of bottle types

The system costs about $30 at Jetflow.com, and a replacement to a normal hydration system from the likes of Platypus or Camelbak it is not. But as a convenient, hybrid concept we’ll give the JetFlow credit as a good idea for anyone seeking hose-delivered liquid with little fuss.

—Stephen Regenold is editor of GearJunkie. Thanks to GizMag and GetOutdoors for the tip on this product.

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