Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!

The entire GearJunkie staff wants to wish you, our readers, the best for this Holiday season! Thanks for the tremendous year. Hoping you keep your loved ones close and get outdoors for some fun over the holiday break. Peace at this time of year.

Gear Junkie Holiday Party 2012.jpg

GearJunkie Holiday party 2012

Gear Junkie Holiday Party 2012 (1).jpg

Team GearJunkie/WEDALI captain Justin Bakken testing a “gauntlet glove” with iPhone sleeve at party

fav GJ Moments.jpg

Racer Kelly Brinkman writes about her “favorite GearJunkie moments” of 2012

Gear Junkie Holiday Party 2012 (3).jpg

Assistant editor Patrick Murphy (left) and Team GearJunkie athlete Andrei Karpov dig through the holiday party swag pile

Gear Junkie Holiday Party 2012 (2).jpg

Skateboarding indoors during the Holiday bash… Team GJ athletes Tom Puzak and Emily Korsch