Event Information

Welcome to the Gear Junkie's Treasure Hunt: Roanoke event! For this one-day-only event we are working to give away $40,000+ worth of equipment to the anticipated hundreds of race competitors.


GearJunkie.com has teamed with the RoanokeOutside.com to create the Treasure Hunt event.

We are planning a race course where participants will be given a map and sent on a "treasure hunt" looking for flags. Find a flag and score a point. Then "cash in" points to win gear at the end. (Participants can find as few or many flags as desired within the event's time limit window.)

October 23, 2011

Deadline to Sign Up
Online registration closes at 11:59 p.m., Thurs., Oct. 20

Day of Event Registration
Limited day-of registration will be available on October 23.

Race Start Times
9a.m., 10a.m., and 11a.m. start times available

Downtown Roanoke, Va., River's Edge Sports Complex

Directions to race start
Check out the directions here.

It's fun! In addition to a multi-hour outdoors event, each participant will have the chance to bring home hundreds of dollars worth of gear.

$35 per participant.

Awards and prizes begin at 3:30p.m.

Sign up here: https://gearjunkie.secure-ngin.com/register/form/476004911



The Event: The Event: The Gear Junkie's "Treasure Hunt: Roanoke" event will be essentially a trail and off-trail orienteering footrace. Flags are hidden in the woods and on trails and in the parks of Roanoke. The location of each flag is marked on the map. At each flag, there is a pin punch. You stamp a "passport" card at each flag to prove you were there. (The flags stay in place the whole day.) Participants earn points for each flag found and punched. You then cash in at "Gear Central" at the end of your race for prizes.

Bikes?: Yes! There will be a bike option this year.

You must supply your own GPS or compass.

Teams: You can pair up during the race. But each person must register alone. Each racer "cashes in" alone at end of race (no combining points).



Will there be water available on the course?: Water will be at the start area, but please bring your own water for the course.

Are map cases or map bags provided (for water/rain protection)?: No, please bring your own if needed.

When will we be given a map?: Participants will be given their map about 30 minutes before race start.

Email Gear Junkie at: contact@gearjunkie.com