Exclusive Q&A with the Gunny: Listen Up!

Former marine drill instructor, actor and SOG Knives Ambassador R. Lee Ermey aka the Gunny has no qualms with telling it like it is. We sent Gunny a batch of knife questions and he responded with hand-written answers. Listen up! Read More...

July 24, 2013

Inside the Mind of a Knife Designer

The inspiration for SOG Knives was born in the jungles of Vietnam. 25 years later, the brand has expanded into a full line of innovative tools. We caught up with the company's founder and Chief Designer for a Q&A. Read More...

July 17, 2013

‘Off The Map’ Video: 30-Hour Adventure Race

For episode No. 5 in our "Off The Map" video series we gear up and head into the woods for an endurance event. Watch as Team GearJunkie bikes, paddles, treks, and navigates its way through 100+ miles of deep forested terrain on the annual Stubborn Mule Adventure Race. Read More...

July 30, 2012

‘Off The Map’ Video: Maah Daah Hey Trail

Episode No. 3 in our "Off The Map" series takes viewers to the unlikely adventure destination of western North Dakota. It is there that an old horse track winds a vague and dusty 96 miles through the state's Martian-like Badlands region. Read More...

May 31, 2012

Video: ‘Fast & Light’ Gear Episode

Foot lube, a titanium spork, boots, trekking poles, and an ultra-light pack. These are a few of the items highlighted in our latest "Fast & Light" video, an episode made to give a peek at the equipment used on Gear Junkie and crew's treks this past summer and fall. Read More...

November 23, 2011

Video: ‘Fast & Light’ on Border Route Trail

In our new video, "24 Hours on the Border Route," Gear Junkie and crew traveled to northern Minnesota to traverse a renowned 65-mile wilderness route. Drama ensues when the group gets lost in the night, their compasses malfunctioning due to high quantities of natural iron in the rock. Get ready to trek! Read More...

October 4, 2011
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