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‘Shark Fin’ Saddle: Would You Sit on This?

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Bike saddle design is constantly evolving, and rider preferences are obviously all over the spectrum, but Spanish saddle brand

If you’re left rattled and confused by that visual, you’re not alone. That fin! Well, there’s little doubt where it will end up, and the company claims it’s a good thing.

The aptly-named Shark saddle is unlike anything we’ve ever seen — and we’ve seen some “unique” saddles recently.

Why on Earth would anyone ever ride this thing? Essax has been around for 25 years making saddles that are much more traditional compared to the Shark. It’s not as if the brand is coming out of nowhere.

According to Jon Iriberri, a Spanish bike fitter and one of the designers of the Shark saddle, the fin design helps to evenly “spread” a cyclist’s weight onto the sit bones and reduce hip rotation, limb differences and inefficient pedaling techniques.

Essax Shark Saddle: rear view

We haven’t ridden the saddle yet, but in theory it’s comfortable when you’re riding with proper form. And when you’re not riding with proper form… Well, let’s just say the fin would make you aware of your inefficiencies fast.

As Bike Rumor points out, how the Shark fin works with existing chamois pad design remains to be seen.

The saddle comes in 130 and 140mm widths, and the height of the fin is 40mm. The saddle is said to be usable both on road and off. Currently, it’s only available in Spain, retailing for about 90 Euros.

—Patrick Murphy is an assistant editor.

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