‘Off The Map’ Video: Maah Daah Hey Trail

Episode No. 3 in our Off The Map video series, “Maah Daah Hey Trail,” takes viewers to the unlikely adventure destination of western North Dakota. It is there that an old horse track winds a vague and dusty 96 miles between two units of a national park and through the state’s Martian-like Badlands region

Cameraman T.C. Worley shot the film, and Joshua Van Patter was editor. Thanks to the YogaSlackers crew (Jason, Chelsey, and Daniel), who helped organize and lead the trip. Riders Andrei Karpov and Parker Roenfanz endured the trail and helped haul gear + find crucial water stops along the way!

All in all, another epic mini-adventure trip. We encourage you to visit the Maah Daah Hey. You’re guaranteed to have the place almost to yourself. We saw no one out there. Just don’t get lost. It’s a little-traveled route that needs a few more tire tracks to help smooth it down!

—GearJunkie covers the back story and a trip report from this video production in the post “Back From ‘Maah Daah Hey’ Trail.”.