‘Fuel Cell’ Power Source Works with Camp Stove

It fits on a standard gas canister. It gives power via heat and a fuel-cell mechanism. The HALO is a to-be-released camping product made to recharge small gadgets in the woods.

You mount the HALO unit on a gas canister. It lights with a match. A fuel cell unit then makes electricity that can be used to recharge cameras, phones, GPS units, and more.

Made of stainless steel with thin layers of ceramic, the company’s fuel cell uses hydrogen in the flame combined with oxygen in the air to generate electricity.

The unit weighs 12 ounces without a canister attached. With no moving parts the HALO is built to be durable on the trail.

There are two USB ports to plug into on the unit for hooking up gadgets. You can cook while you charge with the unit.

The HALO fits on all common camping butane/propane mix fuel canisters. The to-be-released product is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. For $89, supporters get a HALO unit shipped to them this fall, ready to charge gadgets in the woods or anywhere remote.

—Stephen Regenold

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