Giro Filter Sunglasses

Giro Filter Sunglasses

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Sunglasses with interchangeable lenses are nothing new. But the race to create a fast, functional and elegant execution has been on ever since the concept came to market. The Giro Filter, a high-end, $200 pair, have a design that allows the user to switch lenses in seconds, all without getting fingerprints on the glass. Giro calls this technology “Pop Top.”

Giro Filter Sunglasses

Here’s how it works: Both the left and right lens have their own separate hinge device just forward and above the hinges for the sunglass arms. Flick the hinge up about 45 degrees, give the lens a slight pull, and it’s out. Slide in a different tint, lock it down, and you’re off. Do this a handful of times and you’ll be able to switch lenses in no time.

Fit wise, the Filters are solid. There’s enough space between your face and the shades to make sure fogging isn’t an issue. They’re also on the small- to medium-side for fit — the lenses offer plenty of coverage but aren’t as big as most Oakley models. The top of the frame is fairly flat, which reduces the space between a bike helmet and shades. This is a good thing on cooler rides, though less so on warm rides because it limits some air flow.

I’ve been wearing the Filters for a few months now. At $200, the package included two pair of lenses, a sunglass bag, and a padded carrying case. These Giros are on the spendy side. But if you’re looking for what is one of the best switch-and-go lens functions on the market, the Filters will not disappoint.

—Stephen Krcmar lives in Mammoth Lakes, Calif.